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1st Generation Family Farm

Hi! Thank you for checking out our website. Myself, Natalie along with my husband Nic and daughter Evelyn have been homesteading and farming for many years. However, in 2021 we decided to officially become a farm business. We have always had a garden and raised most of our own meat, but now we want to offer our pasture raised meats, seasonal produce and farm goods to others. 

Thank you,

Long Family Farmstead

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At Long Family Farmstead we use a grass based approach to raising our livestock and also strive to raise them in the most humane way possible. 

Our meat chickens are raised on pasture starting from 3 weeks old and get moved daily in their movable chicken tractor. They get constant access to fresh grass, bugs, sunlight and fresh air daily. 

Our pigs are all pasture raised as well. We raise a rare smaller and slower growing breed of pigs called KuneKune pigs (pronounced cooney cooney). These pigs were bred to be pasture raised. They are happiest just grazing all day, and they don't root up and destroy our pastures. This slower growth and grass based approach translates into amazingly delicious pork like we've never had before. Their meat is dark red and looks more like beef than pork in our opinion. 

Our cows are also grass fed. They have access to fresh growing grass during most of the spring, summer and fall months. We feed our cows our own cut hay all winter long. 

Our flock of happy hens, both chickens and ducks, lay delicious and nutritious eggs.

We grow seasonal produce using a no till method and without the use of harmful chemicals.

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Here at Long Family Farmstead we believe in raising livestock in the most natural way possible. Our meat chickens and pigs are pasture raised and our cows are all grass fed.

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