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  • Why does your meat cost more than the meat at the store?
    Our meat is very different than the meat available at standard grocery stores. We use a grass based approach to raising our livestock and also strive to raise them in the most humane way possible. Our chickens that we raise for meat are all pasture raised starting at 3 weeks old. We move them in their movable chicken tractor daily to fresh grass. They have access to as much fresh air, sunshine, bugs and grass as they could ever need. Our pigs are all pasture raised as well. We raise a rare smaller and slower growing breed of pigs called KuneKune pigs (pronounced cooney cooney). These pigs were bred to be pasture raised. They are happiest just grazing all day, and they don't root up and destroy our pastures. Because they are slower growing, more time is spent on their daily care, and we don't get to cash out on a quick turn around time like other standard breeds of pigs raised on large farms. Fortunately this slower growth and grass based approach translates into amazingly delicious pork like I've never had before. Their meat is dark red and looks more like beef than pork in my opinion. Our cows are also grass fed. They have access to fresh growing grass during most of the spring, summer and fall months. In these warmer months we spend a lot of time cutting our own hay that we then store for the winter months. We feed our cows our own cut hay all winter long. Since our meat steers are grass fed, they take until at least 2 years to reach butcher weight, which also means more care all year long. We spend a lot of time caring for our livestock multiple times a day. We raise our animals to be as happy and healthy as possible. Because we are a small family farm, we do all the work everyday, we know our animlals and spend time with them regularly. We believe this translates into higher quality meat and meat that you can feel good about feeding to your family. Our farm also does not receieve any government aid or subsidies. The cost of our meat is priced for what it actually costs a small farm to produce quality meat and small wage for our family. Thank you for your support!
  • Do you deliver? And what are your farm store hours?
    We deliver to our surrounding communuty for a small fee that covers fuel costs and our time. Please contact us if you have more questions in regards to delivery options. Our Farm Store hours are Tuesdays 4 - 6pm and Saturdays 12 - 5pm. We are always willing to work with our customers to make sure you can get what you need from us, so if these hours do not work for you, please reach out to us and we would love to work something out for you.
  • What's a KuneKune pig?
    KuneKune (pronounced: “cooney cooney”) pigs originated from New Zealand. They were almost extinct, but fortunately they were brought back to a healthy population by some breeders that chose to preserve this great breed. Several lines have been imported from New Zealand and the UK over the years. KuneKune pigs are an old fashion lard type grazing pig. Most pigs raised on commercial farms are much larger lean type breeds. KuneKune are very different than the pigs raised commercially. They are much much smaller, they rarely root because of their short upturned snouts, easier on fences, really friendly, slow growing, and graze on pasture all day. They produce a dark meat with lots of marbling, and also provide a lot of leaf fat that can be rendered into lard. We love raising this amazing breed. For more information on KuneKune pigs or if you are interested in purchasing a registered breeder pig from us, please visit
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